Thursday, February 21, 2008

A chance to break tradition?

With all of the mockery that has been made toward Bush, more of us have taken a deeper look into politics. Whether it's a legitimate interest or the search for more Political toonage, America is involuntarily aware. It worked on me.

I believe that we have this fact to thank for giving Obama and Hilary the boost they needed to rise above this country's hold on tradition. "Middle aged White male required! Must be incompetent and high on himself and good paparazzi material. Apply in D.C." Doesn't seem to work anymore. He had a second chance, and he blew it. He blew it like a European crack whore. I'm sure he's genuinely a good person had good intentions but we know what they say about that.

The majority of of top running candidates, including Hilary and Obama, believe Iraq was a mistake. However, those two are the only ones who are all for a time release from Iraq. One thing they agree on, every one of them is against No child left behind.

Tid bits I learned from . It would be very helpful if you're having trouble deciding on who to vote for. I was just curious. Honestly I don't think I'm ready to vote. Before it was slapped in my face how screwed we might be I had no interest whatsoever in Politics. Deciding the next leader will be easier for me when I'm going in positive of where I stand and Why I'm standing there. So I'm saying to all of you who share a position in this generation to care. No, I say it to everyone. And not in the " oh yeah, I'm totally into politics too" way where you just spout something you heard on the radio while switching channels. Or what you saw on So-and-so's rival bashing commercial.

Research. So much can come from knowing whats going on around you. And next time you take a genuine interest, hopefully it won't be influenced by something as banal as Bush beat boxing. Putting Hilary or Obama in the White House may be a change in tradition, but will it be any different than having someone else in there? You can be black or white, male or female, and still be a pompous retard with a road to disaster ahead of you.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

I wanted to give you my heart...please don't puke

"Happy unimaginative, consumerist-oriented and entirely arbitrary, manipulative shallow interpretation of romance day"(BMAV)... ah, the profound emotions it doth evoke. Couples holding hands, candlelight dinners, the exchange of flowers and heart shaped boxes of chocloate candy, laughter, joy, love, love, love; all this coupled with the impending spring thaw.
It's enough to make a free thinking individual want to bang her head on a brick wall.

You may hate Valentine's Day. Every year you distort your face in disgust when your eyes fall on the center of your February calendar. Every year you glare in contempt and hatred at a day created to show that special loved one just how much you care, while leaving those who are not in the throes of love to feel downright inadequate, rejected, and unloved . And everyone out there who are lucky enough to have companionship are all too aware that not recognizing this day will result in contempt and resentment from your significant other.

V-day can suck or be something to look forward to depending on who you are. Everyone runs around frothing, proclaiming their love and pledging their eternal allegiance to one another. Sometimes spending outragous amounts of money. Allthough I feel if someone truly cared about you, I think you'd hear it more often than once a year. And without it having to be presented with a heart shaped cardboard box picked up from CVS filled with cheap chocolates made with axiphlorotonic blabbity and other such unnamable plethera. This will supposedly cover all wrong doings and neglections in the relationship with one stone, leaving the giver allieved of all sins committed within the past year. Relationship baptisism.

Don't get me wrong. I'm not a single young woman bent on giving grief to everyone else who is dating. I'm a stark realist. And I wont hate on those of you who love this commercial holiday( that we don't even get off....>_> ) I can admit I'm sometimes envious of you. But I want someone to tell me if I'm loved of their own volition, not because some fabricated greeting card holiday sponsored by Hallmark compels them.
Hahaha I remember the last time someone gave me a box of was like Russian Roulette eating them....For those of you who don't know, I'm allergic to coconut.

According to history, St. Valentine was a martyr in 270 A.D. . A roman emperor had decided that single men make better soldiers than those with wives and families. In response to this conclusion he forbid young men to be married. A priest named Valentine dissagreed and supposedly conducted marriages in secret. Of course when he was discovered he was sentenced to death. Many reasons for the reason it's on Feb. 14 are tossed around in history but it wasn't declared a holiday until 498 A.D. It's believed the priest sent the first valentine. The rumor was that he had fallen in love with his jailer's daughter and wrote her a love note signed "from your Valentine".
Now that's a common phrase still used today in greeting cards that accompany the afore mentioned lard candies. Some one billion cards are sent every year for V-day, only rivaling Christmas with it's own number of 2.6 billion. Here we can thank the christians/chatholics etc. for yet another commercialized hooplah holiday to have fun with.
So it's your choice then. You can make this coming day something beautiful and long-term, or let it pass, it's your choice. Don't let my cynical interpretation get you down. Hahahaha