Sunday, May 18, 2008

Delinquents and a minty fresh ass

I wasn't going to go. When Justin backed out on being the ride i wasn't up for driving in Nashville or being surrounded by drunk smelly rednecks. But then Heather is crushed to hear, because she already bought her ticket.


At least we made it there ok. Because, honestly, Heather was in the passenger seat to tell me where to go. XD

I was having a lot of fun jumping around and singing along to millions of peaches, until aaall the drunk ass immature and fabulous residents of Tennessee started throwing their beer bottles all over the place. Most of them landing on the stage.

Holy moses it was raining beer.

I bet all the alcoholics where rejoicing. I was more like, " GD it!!"
Sorry I personally don't like being showered in Beer O.o Plus twice i was hit in the head. All this added to the fact that as soon as Newfound Glory was about to play it was so packed you couldn't hardly raise your arms.

By this time I was very much not having fun. But Heather was my responsibility so i stuck with her.

oh man. But here's where it's gets better. This guy starts talking to my sister and as soon as she tells him she's 17...Schwoop he slides to me. I'm being nice and replying and smiling and nodding trying to listen to the band. He's standing there telling me his life story and how nice i am and how i don't look like i weigh over 100 lbs. -_-

Then Tpayne gets on the stage. O goodie. I'm in love with a stripper playing while im in a packed crowd and there's a lonely and apparently horny guy pressed up behind me. I had to elbow him twice because he kept putting his hands on my hips and trying to grind with me. So now here I am in TWO of my most unfavorable situations. Tight spaces, and unwelcome touching. Oh BTW at this time 4 hours later it was still raining beer. I think every band that went up wanted to Kick Tennessee's ever loving ass.

I'm about to freak out so i tell heather that i seriously need to get out of there. She says she'll be fine and that she'll text me after every song to let me know she's ok. I agree and begin my attempt to get through the mass of sweat, beer, and half covered titties. The guy follows me!!

Faster Ana faster! I did what i call crowd diving. Use your imagination. Aaaand i lost him. Thank heavens i didn't see him for the rest of the night. Beat and aggravated I sat against a hill and laid back until the last band was done playing. Sit up and scratch my butt...why is there a card stuck to my pants..Mother$%&#*

I got off as much of the gum as i could, but I'm telling you it didn't help my mood any.

Heather and I decide to go to steak n shake in Antioch. We get there and she informs me her friend is going to meet us there. I figure why not.

Oh but he doesn't come alone. He brings 3 other friends with him. so I'm tired, grumpy, dirty, smelly, wanting to just go home, and I'm sitting in steak n shake watching 4 teen boys act like ass' and my sister take it. Check please.
One of them even suckered her into paying for his shake. I can't believe she did that.

I was so glad to get home and drop into bed T_T It was 1 am by this time.

No excitement for a while thanks guys. You might not see me for a long time.